Managed Print Services In India

Managed print services in India are provided by an outside provider with expertise in managed print services in India to monitor or enhance a company’s document production. 

The main components provided are an evaluation of needs, equipment replacement, either partial or full, and the components, resources, and support required to operate new or existing hardware (including existing third-party equipment if the customer requires this).

Asterisk Electronics Provide Best Managed Print Services In India

Our team keeps an eye on customer happiness, photocopiers, fleet usage, problems with the printers, fax machines, and MFPs.

We offer Next-Generation digital infrastructure technologies, solutions, and services with the goal of accelerating customers’ business transformation journeys through its consulting, integration, and security expertise.

Our Process

  • We evaluate: Examining the current print infrastructure in light of optimization requirements
  • Offer Tailored Resolution: A clever and useful solution created to meet needs
  • Apply To Your System: Implementing the solution and using best practices for change management to assist the staff
  • Handle Reports on Time: Management of incidents involving several vendors, supply restocking, and routine usage reporting

What Do You Get?

  • No capital expenditure: Switch from a capex approach to an affordable optex model that includes guaranteed uptime and maintenance.
  • Savings and visibility: Fleet optimization, monthly reporting of utilization statistics, and single-point billing
  • Cutting down on waste: Allowing for a decrease in printing expenses and carbon footprint
  • Increased oversight and protection: Using RFID and PIN-based printing; authorization tailored to individual employees
  • Support for a single window regardless of brand: Upkeep and materials
  • Specialized and committed VIP assistance: Service monitoring and reporting that is automated

What advantages do managed print services offer in India?

It seems logical that businesses who are faced with the difficult chore of installing and managing a network of printers would seek assistance.

Fortunately, Managed Print Services in India could help lower the expense and hassle of managing printers. Print service providers offer managed print services, which make it easier to control your printing equipment, including copiers, fax machines, and scanners. 

By typically monitoring consumption, replacing consumables, and attending to printing needs, they assist enterprises in increasing their profitability, production, and data security. These are just a handful of the benefits that MPS offers companies; you can learn more about the top 7 benefits of managed print services in India, such as Value Point Systems, by reading the information below:

Ultimately save time and increase output

The amount of time your personnel spend on tasks linked to printers can be irksome. Printing, scanning, copying, or faxing documents while utilizing antiquated hardware or incorrectly configured software is just the start. It also demands the time needed to replace ink and toner cartridges and fix malfunctioning equipment. Value Point Systems identify these problems, freeing up staff members’ time to focus on other duties.

Reduce spending to save money.

Maintaining individual pieces of equipment is more expensive than utilizing a scalable, automated cloud-based solution. managed print services in India that enable just-in-time toner supplies and maintenance by connecting all of the equipment to a single surveillance system. 

Finding areas where your equipment can be consolidated and done with a thorough print audit and evaluation. Furthermore, having too many devices scattered around your company can lead to higher maintenance expenses as well as increased space and power consumption. 

An expert in printing can ascertain the true expenses of an ad hoc approach and identify potential areas for cost reduction. In the end, it is clear that employing an MPS rather than setting up and maintaining your own printer can save you a significant amount of money.

Boost the productivity of your business

various departments within a firm may require various printing specifications. The MPS distributor, having conducted an independent assessment of an organization’s current and future demands, ought to be able to create a program especially tailored for these industries. 

This may entail printing from mobile devices or while away from the workplace, for example, or the need to print specific document sizes or formats that you often utilize.

Reduce your capital project spending and boost cash flow instead.

According to Computing, more than half of IT managers surveyed in 2015 said they currently utilize pay-per-page for managed print services. 

For your assortment of devices, forecasting tools and real-time consumption data could also be useful. You are in a better position to control your expenditures now.

Reduce the damage you do to the environment.

Reducing the amount of paper, electricity, and printing supplies you use is part of being a good corporate citizen. 

With a surveillance system installed as part of your MPS package, you should be able to identify and track levels of print consumption, which will enable you to take appropriate action and reduce your environmental impact. 

After you’ve completed that, you can include the results of your paper-saving initiatives in your corporate social responsibility report.

Move more quickly.

The most successful companies are always looking to improve their processes. In the course of the 2015 Computing research, we saw this in action. You may streamline the process and add commodities as needed with the right Managed Print Service solutions.

Boost the protection of your data.

IT managers were surveyed by Computing for Brother UK, and the results showed that 28% of them wanted to employ secured printing strategies or increase their printing security. That is hardly surprising given the ongoing threat of intellectual property infringement and network security breaches. How thus may managed print services in India help lower these risks?

An organization-wide print evaluation by a managed print provider can help you determine the print and IP security issues in your business. To lessen such risks, the MPS program must offer a personalized print security strategy. 

Creating printer sign-in procedures could be one way to stop papers from being stolen from output trays. There may be facilities for organizing paperwork and getting rid of trash.  To further reduce the likelihood of hackers gaining information, it may also involve deploying multipurpose printers with network-level security features and automated hard drive wiping capabilities. Installing an MPS with a single print supplier also minimizes the amount of external traffic that reaches your network nodes.

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